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Volume 10, No. 1, November 1997

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 Mercurial Matters:

Editorial Apologies

We have mixed feelings about pointing out to you that Antenna is as late as it has ever been. On the one hand, you might not have noticed-in itself not the most desirable circumstance. On the other hand, many of you have noticed and called or written or e-mailed your concerns, for which we thank you. A few membership dues even appeared as people worried whether that was the reason for not receiving the newsletter. Thanks for those reassurances, too.

The factors involved are not individually as interesting as they ought to be to account for the delay. It's mostly the concatenation of otherwise manageable obligations and complications that has held things up-you know the phenomenon. With some modest confidence that being so overwhelmed by the fates will not happen again, we make haste (ahem) to assure you that the spring issue will be in your mailbox before, well, maybe we'd better not get into that.

Moving right along, we do hope that all of you fare well. As always, we extend an invitation to new and longtime Mercurians alike to introduce themselves by sending us statements for inclusion in future newsletters. Please contact Pam Laird ( with those contributions, as well as with additions or corrections to your e-mail addresses.

We would very much like to know about books or museum exhibitions that we ought to review. Please also send us reports on your recent activities, or queries if you would like to contribute an article or essay on your current project. We are always glad to include information pertinent to the many interests that Mercurians share.