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Newsletter of the Mercurians, in the Society for the History of Technology

Volume 11, No. 1, November 1998

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Film Studies Conference

The Centre for Film Studies will hold an international conference on Cinema and the City at the University College Dublin, Friday 12 March to Sunday 14 March 1999. Conference presentations will focus on the history of representations of urban space in narrative cinema (broadly defined), the relationship between cinema and architecture, the modern and post-modern city, urban alienation, social conflict, and escapism.

The conference will also attend to the relationship of the Cinema and the City at the levels of production, distribution, exhibition, and reception-examining the changing historical role and operation of the cinema in the urban/suburban market. This will include the relationships between these objective historical developments and their articulation in terms of cinematic theme and form, as with, for example, the drive-in cinema.

Selected papers from the conference will likely be published in book form. Contact: Mark Shiel and Tony Fitzmaurice, The Cinema and the City Conference, Centre for Film Studies, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland. <> or <>. Updates on conference planning and accomodation information can be found at <>.