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Newsletter of the Mercurians, in the Society for the History of Technology

Volume 11, No. 1, November 1998

Mercurial Matters

Session Planning: 1999 and 2000

Mercurians Books?

Robert Arns Awarded IEEE Prize

Web Site in Progress

Signal Processing Monographs

Toward a History of Information Systems

Misreading the Supreme Court: A Puzzling Chapter in the History of Radio

Access Denied: The Beginning and End of the Information Society

Book Review
Universal Science

Media Ecology Assoc.

Film Studies Conference

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Mercurians' Books?

During our annual meeting, we enjoyed hearing about new books published by members. We hereby invite all our readers, whether they attended the meeting or not, to send us two or three paragraphs about their recent books and other publications in the history of communication technologies, broadly defined. And please include a few sentences identifying yourself, as well. The column on Rik Nebeker's two new books on signal processing introduces this series.