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Volume 10 No. 2, May 1998

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Dead Media Project Expands

The Dead Media Project is extending its activities to the compilation of the first Dead Media audiotape, "Dead Sounds." The tape will consist entirely of recorded material from extinct forms of sonic media. Obscure musical instruments per se are of little interest to the group, who are looking for "dead media," that is, devices that have some kind of recorded archival capacity, an innate playback capacity, or some direct role in telecommunications (for instance, alarm horns and postal horns). Recorded "music" is not the only interest; the ringing of extinct telephones and the bleeping of dead game machines are of distinct relevance as well.

"Dead Sounds" will be not be commercially available under any circumstances. One single cassette will however be supplied and shipped at no charge to anyone who contributed to the compilation of "Dead Sounds" and/or to anyone who has written and had published a numbered Dead Media Working Note.

Contact: Stefan Jones, 2203 Hastings Drive, #24,

Belmont CA 94002,