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Vol. 12, No. 1
November 1999

Mercurial Matters

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Editorial: Seduced by a "First”

2000 in Munich

Nina Wormbs wins Robinson Prize

Information Networks and Urban Spaces

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Science in Public

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Printing History on the Web

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Westinghouse Films from 1904

What can "Old Technologies" Teach us about Digital Culture?

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Telephone Collectors International

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A Victorian Internet?

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Lemelson Center Fellows Program

The Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, established in 1995 at the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, has already proven to be a dynamic force. It devotes its resources to documenting, interpreting, and disseminating information about invention and innovation, to encouraging inventive creativity in young people, and to fostering an appreciation for the central role invention and innovation play in United States history.

The Lemelson Center Fellows Program awards fellowships for a maximum of ten weeks work in Washington, D.C., which includes participating in the Center’s activities and presenting one’s work at the museum. Projects might include historical research and documentation, exhibitions, conferences, multimedia products, and educational initiatives. Other possibilities may be funded as well.

Request application materials by sending your address, phone number, and fax or e-mail contact information to: Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, The Lemelson Center Fellows Program, Washington, D. C. 20560-0604; 202/357-1593; fax 202/357-4517;