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Vol. 12, No. 1
November 1999

Mercurial Matters

Old and New Media

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Editorial: Seduced by a "First"

2000 in Munich

Nina Wormbs wins Robinson Prize

Information Networks and Urban Spaces

Book Review:
Science in Public

Lemelson Center Fellows Program

News of the Field:
Printing History on the Web

Audio History Library

Westinghouse Films from 1904

What can "Old Technologies" Teach us about Digital Culture?

Recent and Upcoming Conferences

Journal of Radio Studies

New Edition of Bibliography


Telephone Collectors International

SHOT Session Query: Mechanical to Electrical

A Victorian Internet?

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Thanks to Greg Downey, this issue of Antenna does contain the word “millennium”. It was a bit worrisome that 1999 would pass without our referring to this chronological milestone. Whether one wishes to celebrate—or fret—the passing of the millennium on this coming New Year’s Day or the next, we do wish you all well. And, please, be on the ground and stationary when the clocks in your local computers turn to 2000. We hope to see you at next year’s meeting!
Should all of us survive Y2K and celebratory champagne, perhaps some enterprising Mercurian would care to look back on our anxieties with due historical perspective. How did it come to pass that a digitalized communication system has become so central to our lives that threats to its operation threaten the living and working conditions of multitudes, worldwide? Surely there is some cosmic observation to be made here. . . . And who better to make it than a Mercurian?
For a delightful breakfast during our well-attended annual meeting in October, we thank the Lemelson Center at the Smithsonian.
We invite new and longtime Mercurians alike to introduce themselves by sending statements for future newsletters. Please contact Pam Laird with contributions and suggestions, as well as with additions or corrections to your e-mail addresses.
What books or museum exhibitions ought we review, in print and, soon, electronically? Also, do send us reports on your recent activities, or queries about contributing an article or essay on your current project. We are always glad to include information pertinent to the many interests that Mercurians share.
Business matters: If you received a remittance envelope in the postal mail, your subscription and membership may end with this issue. Please see Contact Us for renewal information. Thank you for responding . Thanks to all of you for your interest and support. And thanks to SHOT and the University of Colorado Denver for their continuing support..