Vol. 11, No. 2
May 1999

Mercurial Matters


Antonio Meucci in Cuba

Planning for 2000

David Sarnoff Library


Hugh Slotten Receives Grants

Flashback to the Sixties: Bridging an Earlier Communications Gap

The Marc-Auguste Pictet Prize

Rereading the Supreme Court: Tesla's Invention of Radio

New Journal for Multimedia History

Book Review:
Media in America

Have Slides/Viewgraphs, Will Travel

The Vacuum Tube Museum at Manhattan College

Contact Us


Just in the nick of time - just ahead of the millennium, the Mercurians are moving into the future. Not bad for a bunch of historians, even if we did have to call in the reserves! As you may recall, Pam Stephan volunteered for this task, or, we should say, her husband Karl Stephan volunteered her skills during the Mercurians' annual meeting last October. And, we are so very pleased to announce that she has indeed created a website for us. The site goes public on June 5, 1999, and you are welcome to check it out at <http://www.mercurians.org/>. You will find it to be dynamic, colorful, and user friendly.

A selection of back issues of Antenna can be found here, and more will be posted as time goes on. As agreed last October, we will not be posting the e-mail directory for the sake of avoiding unwanted communications and solicitations. You will notice the beginnings of a museum directory with links, as requested, along with our request that you send us information on additional sites. What we would like to build, as per your suggestions, is a useful set of annotated links to web sites pertinent to the history of communication technologies. So better a URL than nothing; but better an annotation than a lonely URL. These annotations need only be a couple of sentences, although more substantial reviews are welcome. We do reserve some modest editorial prerogatives, of course.

In addition to museums and on-line exhibitions, are there other links that might prove useful? On-line libraries, archives, associations, etc.? Please don't hesitate to contact Pam Laird or Andrew Butrica with any suggestions for additions or directions that might help to make this web site a useful tool.

Of course, we would also like our envoy into the ether to serve as a tool for outreach, so we will want to request links from other like-minded sites. Suggestions?

Finally, remember that this is a work in progress. Please feel free to send any comments or suggestions to Pam Laird or Andrew Butrica (see back page for contact information) or directly through the contact button on the site itself.