Vol. 11, No. 2
May 1999

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Antonio Meucci in Cuba

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Antonio Meucci in Cuba

Antonio Meucci's invention of the first electronic technology for transmitting voice occurred in 1849 in Havana, Cuba, where he lived from 1835-1850. In 1998 the Sociedad Cubana de Historia de la Ciencia y la Tecnologia published a booklet on Los Días Cubanos de Antonio Meucci y el Nacimiento de la Telefonia. Edited by José Altshuler and Roberto Diaz Martin, it includes three articles by Basilio Catania, noted biographer of Meucci and author of "Antonio Meucci Revisited," which appeared in Antenna (November 1996) and is reprinted here as "Antonio Meucci, vuelto a visitar." Fernand Ortiz contributed an article entitled "¿Se inventó el teléfono en La Habana?" The booklet has many useful black and white illustrations.