Vol. 11, No. 2
May 1999

Mercurial Matters


Antonio Meucci in Cuba

Planning for 2000

David Sarnoff Library


Hugh Slotten Receives Grants

Flashback to the Sixties: Bridging an Earlier Communications Gap

The Marc-Auguste Pictet Prize

Rereading the Supreme Court: Tesla's Invention of Radio

New Journal for Multimedia History

Book Review:
Media in America

Have Slides/Viewgraphs, Will Travel

The Vacuum Tube Museum at Manhattan College

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New Journal for MultiMedia History

The Department of History at the State University of New York at Albany has announced the first issue of The Journal for MultiMedia History (JMMH). This is the first peer-reviewed electronic journal that presents, evaluates, and disseminates multimedia scholarship. This free online journal can be found at <http://www.albany.edu/jmmh>.

According to its editors, this journal "offers a new vision for presenting historical research" by "adhering to the highest research standards and utilizing the most innovative multimedia technologies." As a result, JMMH combines audio, visual, and hyperlinked materials with historical analysis and the potential for incorporating scholarly source materials impossible to include in traditional formats. The journal also provides in-depth reviews, including audio and visual clips and links, of multimedia resources such as CD-ROMs, videos, and Web sites.

The first issue includes a radio interview from 1960 with the Nation of Islam's Elijah Muhammad. It also contains the audio and text of a lecture by Kathy Peiss on American women and the making of the modern consumer culture. Tom Kriger explores a Depression-era labor strike in New York, using an array of photographs and oral history interviews. Adrienne Hood and Jacqueline Spafford use hypertext to demonstrate the promise and perils of integrating Web construction projects, and Corrine Blake offers a hypertext review of Web-based resources for students and scholars of Islam and Islamic Civilization.

The second issue will be posted soon. The editors seek submissions for future articles and reviews, as well as your comments . Gerald Zahavi and Julian Zelizer, Editors; Susan L. McCormick, Managing Editor; Department of History, University at Albany, Albany, NY, 12222 USA; (518)442-4488; fax: (518)442-3477; E-mail: jmmh@csc.albany.edu.