Volume 12, No. 2
April 2000

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2000 in Munich

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Videotex, the Internet, and Innovation in France and the United States

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Global Communications since 1844

Communication Technologies and the Public Historian

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Global Communication Networks at OAM/NCPH

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A Century of Engineering Achievements

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The Mercurians' website, <http://www.mercurians.org/> has been a busy place. As of April 20, it had received 3,235 hits. It seems that some folks have found our bibliography of use, and others have commented that the links are helpful. This is music to our ears. Again, we most wholeheartedly thank Pam Stephan for her work at building the site and maintaining it.

In addition to the wide range of questions about communication technologies to which we have become accustomed, we recently received a new genre of request through our contact link, <info@www.mercurians.org>. One young woman earnestly wanted information that might help her fiancÚ, who has recently taken a job with AT&T. In trying to ascertain how historical material or insights might assist her search for advice, we were sorely tempted to offer biographies and other historical analyses of significant careers in telecommunications. It seems that she sought more immediate advice. Nonetheless, we assured her that her young man was a most fortunate fellow, indeed, for having such a helpful partner.

When we receive questions more pertinent to our collective expertise, we hope we can call on you for assistance. Please contact Pam Stephan at <pstephan@macconnect.com> with suggestions for the bibliography or links. Also, do send URLs of on-line museums, preferably, but not necessarily annotated. You may also send suggestions or other information to Pam Laird <plaird@carbon.cudenver.edu>.