Volume 12, No. 2
April 2000

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Videotex, the Internet, and Innovation in France and the United States

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Global Communications since 1844

Communication Technologies and the Public Historian

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Global Communication Networks at OAM/NCPH

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Pamphlet Series:

Historical Perspectives

on Technology, Society, and Culture



The Society for the History of Technology, in collaboration with the American Historical Association, is in the process of producing a set of two or three dozen pamphlets, each of them addressing technology in a specific topical context. Pamela O. Long and Robert C. Post coedit the series, and they are working to have "each pamphlet present a broadly informed synthesis of the best work in the field and to outline the salient historiographical issues and the most cogent interpretations." The first two pamphlets are Technology and Society in Ming China (1368-1644) by Francesca Bray, and Technology, Society, and Culture in Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe, 1300-1600, by Pamela O. Long. Pamphlets on military technologies, as well as on American labor and technology history are in the works. Each pamphlet in the series will be $6 for SHOT & AHA members; $8 for nonmembers.

Find an introductory essay for the series and guidelines for proposals at <http://www.press.jhu.edu/associations/shot/shot_aha.htm>. An overview history of communication technologies, as well as a history of a specific field, could fit into the series. Check out the guidelines and consider a proposal.