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Articles • 1988-2001

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Issues Article Titles Authors
April ‘88 Welcome to Antenna Editors
Blessed [Thanks to Mel Kranzberg for support] Editors
October ‘89 A Short History of Graffiti Robert Drew
February ‘90 Minitel: Don’t Believe the Hype Richard Kramer
Restructuring the Telecommunications Sector: Issues Confronting Developing Countries
Nikhil Sinha
October ‘90 Communication and History Willard Uncapher
“Information Age” (Smithsonian/NMAH) Pamela Inglesby & Lisa Rudy
February ‘91 McLuhan X 5: The Guru Grown Up? Willard Uncapher
PC Software: The New Incunabula? Jerry McCarthy
October ‘91 Orality, Literacy, and Cultural History (roundtable) Joe Ashcroft, Lori Breslow, Paul Lippert, Lance Strate
April ‘92 Evolution and Communication Technologies Pamela W. Laird
November ‘92 They’re Virtually Fans Andrea MacDonald
The Telephone’s Message (c. 1930) Excerpts from AT&T brochure
May ‘93 Quantification in Engineering: The Design of Radio Receivers in the 1920s Frederik Nebeker
A History of the ARPANET/Internet Computer Networks Janet Abbate
November ’93 Nineteenth-Century Small Presses Elizabeth Harris
The Qwerty Solution Kay Youngflesh
April ‘94 Wine, Industry, and Telephones (in France) Patrice A. Carré
History in the Service of Public Policy: The Debate about “Universal Service” Milton Mueller
Freeware: The Spectrum Project Hugh G. J. Aitken
November ‘94 Antonio Meucci and Invention in Nineteenth-Century America
W. Bernard Carlson
April ‘95 Communicating Business: Corporate Agendas Through Photographs
Peter Liebhold
The Southern Bell Telephone Museum David Morton
November ‘95 Switching Equipment: A Response Leland Anderson
April ‘96 A Radio Pioneer’s Obscurity: R. A. Fessenden George Elliott
The French Cable Station Museum Karl D. Stephan
November ‘96 Antonio Meucci Revisited Basilio Catania
National Cryptologic Museum William W. Ward
The Zapper in History Editors
April ‘97 The Information Crisis in Cold War America Mark D. Bowles
Data Compression—For Telegraphy Jim Reeds
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November ‘97 Spread Spectrum: The Technology that Came in from the Cold (War) Editors
Joseph Henry: Radio Pioneer Alan S. Douglas
May ‘98 An Overview of Communication Analysis Lance Strate
The Smirk of Progress Adam L. Gruen
November ‘98 Toward a History of Information Systems Daniel R. Headrick
Misreading the Supreme Court: A Puzzling Chapter in the History of Radio A. David Wunsch
May ‘99 Flashback to the Sixties: Bridging and Earlier Communications Gap Rebecca Raines
Rereading the Supreme Court: Tesla’s Invention of Radio Wallace Edward Brand
The Vacuum Tube Museum Karl D. Stephan
November ‘99 Information Networks and Urban Spaces: The Case of the Telegraph Messenger Boy Greg Downey
Editorial: Seduced by a ”First” Pamela W. Laird
April ‘00 Videotex, the Internet, and Innovation in France and the United States Amy L. Fletcher
Not the First Word on “Firsts” Dag Spicer
Communication Technologies and the Public Historian Mark D. Bowles
November ‘00 An Artificial Line, or Technology as Spectrology Aristotle Tympas
A Daemon in Her Shape: Dracula & 19th-Century Jay Pawlowski
Communication Technologies
Truth & Myth & “Firsts”
Basilio Catania
April ‘01 The World Wide Web and the Transformation of Internet Domain Names Milton Mueller
Truth & Myth Revisited Leslie D. Caldwell
Superman & the Case of the Disappearing Public Telephone Pamela W. Laird
November ‘01 In Search of the First Personal Computer Susan B. Barnes
“That’s As High As It Will Ever Get”: Getting into Orbit David J. Whalen