Volume 13, No. 2
April 2001

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SHOT in Silicon Valley

California beckons. If you haven’t marked your calendar yet, don’t forget to do so and to start planning for the Society for the History of Technology’s 2001 annual meeting in San José, in the midst of the famed and glittering Silicon Valley. This will be one for the records.

As it turns out, Santa Clara University marks its 150th anniversary this year and has invited SHOT to participate in its celebrations. The University’s Center for Science, Technology, and Society will generously sponsor two events. On Thursday evening the University will host a barbecue followed by presentations by people who helped establish Silicon Valley as a technological and cultural center. Then, on Friday evening, the Center for STS will host what sounds like an extravagant reception in the new Tech Museum, which lies a short walk from our conference center, the Fairmont—by all accounts an “elegant” hotel.

You can expect the hard-working local arrangements committee to arrange some marvelous tours for your entertainment and enlightenment Nearby options include the San José Historical Society, Silicon Valley firms with their own history of technology museums, and redwood preserves. Check the SHOT website <> and the July SHOT newsletter as the summer moves along for details as they unfold.