Volume 13, No. 2
April 2001

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Breakfast in California

The Society for the History of Technology will meet in San José, California, October 4-7, 2001. The Mercurians will hold their annual meeting on Saturday morning, and as has become our custom, we will share breakfast with our colleagues, the Jovians—SHOT’s special interest group on the history of things and practices electrical. Well, that may not be their official title, but you get the picture.

Although this will be a breakfast meeting, leaving us all fortified and free to enjoy the rest of the conference, it is not just another breakfast—it will be a sunny California breakfast. The Mercurians will ease the strain on travel budgets by subsidizing the fare. The resulting costs—$5 for students and $15 for everyone else—will provide everyone with what alleges to be a top-notch continental, if not gourmet, breakfast with all that fruit you know you should eat. (You can imagine what hotel food in the Silicon Valley costs if these rates are subsidized. We had considered smuggling in food, but this is supposed to be a classy joint, and we didn’t want to embarrass SHOT.)

SHOT has kindly offered to include this event on the conference registration form, so you can reserve your place ahead of time. The first forty people to register will get the subsidy.

The main event, as always, will be the round of introductions. Bring a copy of your latest publication for show and tell, along with any announcements and queries you would like to offer.

Please consult after July 1 for details. About the time you receive this, the SHOT website will have registration information online at <>. For those of you who receive the SHOT newsletter, its summer edition will also contain registration information. You can contact SHOT directly for information at SHOT; History of Science, 216B Ames Hall; Johns Hopkins University; 3400 North Charles Street; Baltimore, MD 21218, USA; e-mail: <>.