Volume 13, No. 2
April 2001

Mercurial Matters

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SHOT in Silicon Valley

Breakfast in California

Changing of the Guard

The World Wide Web and the Transformation of Internet Domain Names

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Computer Museum Reminder

IEEE 2001 Conference on History of Telecommunications

Tesla and Edison

Book Review:
The Sociology of Invention: A review of Silicon Sky

News of the Field:
Marconi Collection

Lincoln Lab's 50-Year Review

Media Ecology Conference

Scientific and Technical Information Systems Historical Meeting

Telecomm Museum and Website, SHOT website

Superman and the Case of the Disappearing Public Telephone

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News of the Field

Media Ecology Conference

The Media Ecology Associationís second annual convention will meet June 15-16, 2001, at New York University. Sessions will cover topics ranging from the politics of the national information structure to gender and media in the classroom. Many notable scholars of communication and culture will participate, including Joshua Meyrowitz, James Carey, Lance Strate, Christine Nystrom, and Neil Postman. For more information, see <>.