Volume 13, No. 2
April 2001

Mercurial Matters

Letters to the Editor

SHOT in Silicon Valley

Breakfast in California

Changing of the Guard

The World Wide Web and the Transformation of Internet Domain Names

News of Members

Computer Museum Reminder

IEEE 2001 Conference on History of Telecommunications

Tesla and Edison

Book Review:
The Sociology of Invention: A review of Silicon Sky

News of the Field:
Marconi Collection

Lincoln Lab's 50-Year Review

Media Ecology Conference

Scientific and Technical Information Systems Historical Meeting

Telecomm Museum and Website, SHOT website

Superman and the Case of the Disappearing Public Telephone

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Mercurial  Matters

This year’s meeting in San José, the business of multiplying domain names, satellite builders, payphones going, and book review editors coming and going, fill our pages this issue, along with sundry announcements.

The discussion of “firsts,” begun three issues ago, continues herein with a brief essay that questions the wisdom of contrasting “myths” against “truths.” Although this series of commentaries began with arguments about histories of specific communication technologies, its levels of abstraction have grown away from those specifics. Of course, debating the terms of a debate can yield fruit, and Dan Caldwell hopes his letter will contribute to our sense of how to discuss “firsts,” among other things.

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Business matters: If you received a remittance envelope with this mailing, your subscription and membership end with this issue. Please see page 12 for renewal information. Thank you for responding . Thanks to all of you for your interest and support. And thanks, as always, to SHOT and the University of Colorado Denver for their continuing support.