Books of Interest to Mercurians

Anytime, Anywhere: Entrepreneurship and the Creation of a Wireless World, Louis Galambos and Eric John Abrahamson, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2002. 320 pages, $29.00.

Wireless entrepreneurs are transforming the way people live and work around the globe. In the process they have created some of the fastest growing companies on the planet. Anytime, Anywhere tells the story of the birth and explosion of cellular and wireless communications as seen through the eyes of one of the industry's pioneers, Sam Ginn. As deregulation and privatization swept the globe, Ginn and his team at AirTouch Communications fought for and won licenses on several continents. They built a successful business using strategic partnerships and joint ventures and demonstrated a new model for global entrepreneurship in an information-based economy.

Louis Galambos is Professor of History at Johns Hopkins University and President of the Business History Group. He has written numerous books and articles on entrepreneurship, innovation, and regulation, including Networks of Inno-vation (Cambridge, 1996) and The Rise of the Corporate Commonwealth (Basic, 1989). Eric Abrahamson is Principal Historian with The Prologue Group. His research has dealt with telecommunications, banking, and regulation in California.
—Cambridge University Press