IEE History of Technology Meeting

The History of Technology meeting of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, and the official launch of its Pro-fessional Network in History of Technology, took place July 5 - 6, 2002, at the University of Birmingham, Eng-land. Among the papers presented were:

“Digital signal processing and the rise of consumer electronics,” Frederick Nebeker (IEEE History of Technology Group, USA)

“The history of computing,” Martin Campbell-Kelly (Warwick University, UK)

“At the roots of patents: the role of patent agents and scientific advisers in paving the way to Guglielmo Marconi’s technological achievement,” Anna Guagnini (University of Bologna, Italy)

“Cable route access in the Atlantic, 1857 - 1956,” Lenore Symons, IEE Archives, UK

“Non-Maxwellian electrical theories in the 19th Century,” Colin Hempstead, University of Teesside and Mercurians

“Electronic switching in the UK: systems evolution and standards, 1979 - 1983,” L.R.F. Harris

Malcolm Muggeridge

Every standard film history begins with the famous race horse photographs taken by Malcolm Muggeridge. Wheaton College (Illinois) plans to explore the breadth of his life and opus in a conference, “Muggeridge Rediscovered: A Centenary Conference Celebrating the Life and Work of Malcolm Muggeridge,” to be held May 22-24, 2003.

The conference is expected to draw scholars, clergy, media figures, and individuals from all walks of life, and intends not only to celebrate Muggeridge's diverse achievements as journalist, author, radio and television personality, soldier-spy, and Christian apologist, but also to introduce his work to new generations.

A preliminary program will be available in November on the website:
For additional information, contact:
David Malone
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