Volume 14, No. 2
April 2002

Mercurial Matters

SHOT 2002 in Toronto

Graduate Student Bonus

Survey of Local TV History

News of Mercurians and their Projects

Citizens (Band) of France Unite!

Printing a Revolution?

The End of Books

Reading Red Ochre: Parting Thoughts on Mixed Receptions

Dishing It Up: Really Big Antennas

Journal Announcements

Communications Under the Seas

Contact Us

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Can you recommend a graduate student, not necessarily in the U.S., who might enjoy a free membership to Mercurians and a subscription to the newsletter? Thanks to the generosity of History Enterprises, Inc., we can offer three gifts of two-years’ dues. Just send us (either Andrew Butrica or Pam Laird) your nominations, and the first three will receive this issue and two years’ more. Any member can nominate any student.

History Enterprises, Inc., specializes in historical research and content production for a variety of media, as well as archives and information management for both corporate and nonprofit institutions. They can be found at <>.