Volume 14, No. 2
April 2002

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mercurial matters

With more than a little ambivalence, I set aside the “editorial we” for this column. When putting together the November 2001 issue, I realized that ten years had passed since I took over editing and publishing Antenna. Those ten years, plus the previous years of overseeing with Lori Breslow the hearty group of graduate students producing the newsletter at the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania, plus I hope some continuing usefulness, have developed wonderful and precious ties, both professional and personal, with Mercurians all over the world. I have never ceased to be amazed when you send in your subscriptions and encouraging comments, many of you since the very beginnings—kind and kindred spirits, all.

It’s time, however, for Antenna to benefit from fresh ideas and new ways of doing things. So beginning with the fall issue, Andrew Butrica will take over as editor and publisher. Andrew has been a Mercurian from the start, and he began as Antenna coeditor in 1997. In addition to his enthusiasm and facility for roaming the Internet, his masterful editing skills have made it possible for me to continue my commitment to the newsletter. And Antenna has been much the better for his efforts.

With the able assistance of Dave Whalen as book review editor, Andrew will take Antenna into its future. He will, of course, need the continuing support of Mercurians and their ideas. On an immediately practical matter, he also asks that anyone who would like to consider joining up as an assistant or coeditor please contact him. The news editor position is also open.

I will be stepping down as Mercurians chair as well. This means an election at the annual meeting this October in Toronto. Please contact me if you are interested in serving in this capacity, or if you would like to nominate or suggest someone else.

Thank you all for all the good years and support. Thanks also to the History Department of the University of Colorado Denver for its generous support over the years.

Oh, yes. And just because I won’t be reminding you regularly, don’t forget that print is a communication technology, too....

Pam Laird

As always, we most wholeheartedly thank Pam Stephan for her hard work at building the <> website and maintaining it. Contact her at <> with suggestions and comments. Or send ideas to Pam Laird.