Newsletter of the Mercurians

“From Creator to Consumer in a Digital Age”

April 22-24, 2003

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Cairns, Australia

This International Conference on the Future of the Book is hosted by the RMIT International Centre for Graphic Technology with financial support from Australia’s Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources.

The book is now 550 years old, if one dates its history from Gutenberg's invention, or much older if one dates it from the Chinese invention of moveable type, or the codex, or even the beginning of writing on transportable media. This conference, however, is about the book's future, as a creature of and conduit for human invention. It seeks answers to such questions as whether new media (the Internet, multimedia texts, and new delivery formats) represent a threat or an opportunity.

The papers submitted for the conference proceedings will undergo full peer-review and will appear in both print and electronic formats. For those unable to attend the conference, virtual registrations will be available to allow access to the electronic versions of the conference proceedings, as well as virtual presentations.

The deadline for submitting paper proposals was December 15, 2002. For details about the conference, consult the official website: