Newsletter of the Mercurians

The Telecommunication History Group, on whose board of directors Mercurian Pam Laird serves, has merged with The Museum of Communications, formerly known as the Vintage Telephone Equipment Museum, which is sponsored by the Washington Telephone Pioneers of America. The museum is located in Seattle, Washington, at 7000 East Marginal Way South, just 1-1/2 miles north of The Museum of Flight.

The Museum of Communications celebrates the history of the telephone and telephone equipment in the United States. Among the exhibits are a model of Alexander Graham Bell's 1876 telephone, early wall telephones, a British Post Office call box, central office equipment, and several automated displays. The museum also features old amateur radio sets, a 1,000-watt AM broadcast transmitter manufactured in 1928 by Western Electric and formerly in commercial operation in Everett, Washington, as well as a movie projector, sewing machine, and washing machine from the 1920s. Virtually all of the equipment on display is operational. Volunteers provide guided tours. Take a virtual tour of the museum at their website: