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The Mercurians are Changing!

We are instituting a number of changes that impact both Antenna subscribers and members of the Mercurians

 Beginning with this Spring 2009 issue, the annual subscription rate is US$5.00 for delivery in the United States.  The annual subscription rate for delivery overseas is US$7.50.


  The Mercurians are establishing a new initiative that consists of a prize for the best article by a junior scholar and a travel grant to junior scholars to defray the cost of traveling to a research collection.

  Both graduate students and postgraduates are eligible for the article prize and travel grant, but not those postgraduates who are more than three years beyond the terminal degree in their field.  All articles considered for the award program will have undergone peer review and will have complete scholarly apparatus.  Only travel to a recognized archival collection will be supported.

  The prize and grant will be awarded in alternating years.  We anticipate presenting the first article prize during the SHOT annual meeting in 2012 and the first travel grant at the 2011 meeting.

  The amount of the prize and grant are determined by the amount raised during the previous year.  Members are asked to contribute an annual membership fee of US$5.00 for the purpose of supporting this program.  Larger donations are encouraged.  Those contributing more than US$5.00 may earmark their funds for either the article prize or the travel grant.

Please click on the below (Prize and Grant Program) or [here] to contribute to the prize and grant program or to submit an article for the prize or to apply for a travel grant.



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