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With the explosion of web sites, you very likely have plenty of places to use and enjoy on the Net. Still, we couldn't resist tempting you with a few more that have come to our attention. You might not think of searching for these, but take a look at them anyway! Some of them offer multi-media opportunities for the visitor.
Send us your suggestions for other sites - include the Title and URL and please put "Mercurian Virtual Museums Suggestion" in your subject line.
Museum of Communications
MIT Museum
The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television
History of Television, which includes an on-line publication of more than 50 texts from the television pre-history (1878-1900)
"The History of Telecommunications" (from pre-history to VoIP telephony) on the Shoretel website
The IEEE Society for the Social Implications of Technology (BROKEN?)
The IEEE home page with links to 33 of the IEEE's 37 technical societies, including,

IEEE-United States Activities' Public Policy Forum (BROKEN)
The Edison Papers
Early Radio History (BROKEN)
Journal of Radio & Audio Media (BROKEN)

"The Telegraph Office"
A WWW Page for Telegraph Key Collectors and Historians (FIXED!)


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