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Bills itself as "an exhibit of common & rare antique telephones" and delivers. View photos
of the telephone apparatus from the 1870s through World War I (about 1915).
Close up photos and text can be viewed at:
Read the guestbook to see the impact that this sort of material has
on people in the communications industry as well as the general public.
Telephone Collectors International
"We attempt to go beyond just telephone collecting by publishing articles on telephone history, types of equipment and reviews of early books and publications. We also have a quarterly special interest newsletter called the "Switchers Quarterly" that features central office, PBX and key equipment. We also have the only copy of "The 2B Regrettor" on the web. "
IEEE History Center


Recently enlarged version of this site:
Thomas H. White been putting html versions of U.S. documents related to radio history up. Some articles,too, like the 1907 Fools and their Money series. He also has early station histories. It is a rich and evolving site.


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